What is eNMS

eNMS is a vendor-agnostic NMS designed for building workflow-based network automation solutions.

eNMS Introduction

It encompasses the following aspects of network automation:

  • Configuration Management Service: Backup with Git, change and rollback of configurations.
  • Validation Services: Validate data about the state of a device with Netmiko and NAPALM.
  • Ansible Service: Store and run Ansible playbooks.
  • REST Service: Send REST calls with variable URL and payload.
  • Python Script Service: Any python script can be integrated into the web UI. eNMS will automatically generate a form in the UI for the script input parameters.
  • Workflows: Services can be combined together graphically in a workflow.
  • Scheduling: Services and workflows can be scheduled to start at a later time, or run periodically with CRON.
  • Event-driven automation: Services and workflows can be triggered from the REST API.

Application stack

Function Component
HTTP Service nginx
WSGI Service gunicorn
Application Flask/Python 3.6+
Database SQLite, MySQL or PostgreSQL
Credentials storage Hashicorp vault