For developers

eNMS uses :

  • Black for python code formatting
  • Flake8 to make sure that the python code is PEP8-compliant
  • Mypy for python static type hinting
  • Prettier for javascript code formatting
  • Eslint to make sure the javascript code is compliant with google standards for javascript
  • Pytest for the test suite.

There is a dedicated requirements_dev.txt file to install these python libraries:

pip install -r requirements_dev.txt

Before opening a pull request with your changes, you should make sure that:

# your code is black compliant
# Black is a code formatting enforcement tool; see (
black --check --verbose .

# your code is PEP8 (flake8) compliant (python)
flake8 --config tests/linting/.flake8 .

# your code is mypy compliant
# Mypy is a adds static type hinting to Python for the whole project; see (
mypy --config-file tests/linting/mypy.ini .

# your code is prettier compliant (javascript)
npm run prettier

# your code is eslint compliant (javascript)
npm run lint

# all the tests are passing

If one of these checks fails, so will Travis CI after opening the pull request.

The CI/CD and PR processes are the same, because when you open a PR, this automatically triggers Travis.

If you are updating the documentation, you can build a local version of the docs:

# build a local version of the docs
cd /docs
make html