Extract some data from the payload with a python query, and optionally post-process the result with a regular expression or a TextFSM template.

Data Extraction Service

Configuration parameters for creating this service instance:

  • Variable Name: name to give the resulting variable in the results.

  • Python Extraction Query: a python query to retrieve data from the payload.

  • Processing: choose the type of processing:

    • Use Value as Extracted.
    • Apply Regular Expression (findall).
    • Apply TextFSM Template.
  • Regular Expression/ TestFSM Template Text: regular expression or TextFSM template, depending on the value of the "Processing" field.

  • Operation Choose the operation type:

    • Set/Replace: Set the variable value.
    • Append to a list: Append the value to an existing list.
    • Extend List: Append each value to an existing list.
    • Update dictionary: Update each key/value into an existing dictionary.


The above list and dictionary operations allow for accumulated results through a workflow, such as each service adds something to the result variable that is then reported on at the end.


These same fields are replicated twice more, since the service can extract / post-process up to 3 variables