Release Notes

Version 4.0.1

  • Don’t update pool during migration import
  • Add scalability migration files
  • Remove “All”, “None” and “Unrelated” options in relationship filtering
  • Use join instead of subqueries to improve relationship filtering scalability
  • Add form endpoints in rbac files when instantiating custom services
  • Fix changelog like pool update not logged bug
  • Fix workflow tree mechanism from workflow with superworkflow bug
  • Change of all GET endpoints to no longer contain backslash:
  • renaming /table/{type} to {type}_table
  • renaming of /form/{form_type} to “{form_type}_form

Everything that comes after backslash is considered to be an argument (*args) - Change of rbac.json structure: list becomes dict, each line can have one of three values: * “admin” (not part of RBAC, only admin have access, e.g admin panel, migration etc) * “all” (not part of RBAC, everyone has access, e.g dashboard, login, logout etc) * “access” (access restricted by RBAC, used to populate access form) Impact on plugins: the settings.json “rbac” section has to be updated accordingly. - Add RBAC support for nested submenus

Impact of RBAC on plugins: - plugins must be mounted at “/”, custom “url_prefix” are no longer working… changes:

  • server.register_blueprint(blueprint, url_prefix=kwargs[“url_prefix”])
  • server.register_blueprint(blueprint)
  • need for new argument in settings.json “blueprint” section: “static_url_path”. changes:
    “blueprint”: {

    “template_folder”: “templates”, “static_folder”: “static”

    • “static_url_path”: “/template-static”


  • plugins endpoints cannot contain a slash.

Version 4.0.0

  • Extend pool for users and services.
  • Add relation mechanism in table for scalability * For each table, add link to relation table * Replaces the old “Pool Objects” window in the pool table. * New mechanism to add instances to a “relation table”, both by individual selection and in bulk by copy pasting a list of names. * New mechanism to remove selection from a relation table.
  • Add “run service on targets mechanism” * run service on a single device and in bulk from service page * run service on a single device and in bulk from visualization pages
  • Add bulk deletion and bulk edit mechanism for tables * Bulk edit (edit all instances filtered in tables) * Bulk deletion (delete all instances filtered in tables)
  • Add “copy to clipboard” mechanism to get comma-separated list of names of all filtered instances.
  • Add 3D network view and 3D logical view. * Add right click menu for property, configuration, run service * Add default pools mechanism for large networks. * Add run service in bulk on all currently displayed devices mechanism
  • Move all visualization settings from settings.json > “visualization” to dedicated visualization.json
  • Make the error page colors confiurable per theme (move css colors to theme specific CSS file)
  • Use the log level of the parameterized run instead of always using the service log level
  • Change field syntax for context help to be ‘help=”path”’ instead of using render_kw={“help”: …}
  • Don’t update the “creator” field when an existing object is edited
  • Add new function “get_neighbors” to retrieve neighboring devices or links of a device
  • Refactor the migration import mechanism to better handle class relationships
  • Web / Desktop connection to a device is now restrictable to make the users provide their own credentials

=> e.g to prevent inventory device credentials from being used to connect to devices - Configuration git diff: indicate which is V1 and which is V2. Option to display more context lines, including all of it. - Improve display of Json property in form (make them collapsed by default) - Update to new version of Vis.Js (potential workflow builder impact) - Add mechanism to save only failed results (e.g for config collection workflow) - New database.json to define engine parameters, import / export properties, many to many relationship, etc. - Fork based on string value instead of just True / False: new discard mode for the skip mechanism. When using discard, devices do not follow any edge after the skipped service. - Refactor skip property so that it is no longer a property of the service to avoid side effect of skipping shared services. - Add new option in pool to invert logic for each property. - New Option “Update pools after running” for workflow like the configuration management workflow. - Refactor skip mechanism to work with run once mode service. - Don’t reset run status when running a CLI command with CLI plugins - Refactor log mechanism to send log to client bit by bit, instead of all run logs at each refresh request - “No validation” in the service panel is now an option of the “validation condition” instead of the “validation method”. Migration impact. - The timestamps like “last runtime”, “last failure”, etc are now per configuration property. The timestamps are all stored per device in a json.file called “timestamps.json”. These timestamps properties have been added to the configuration table. - Add ability to hard-code logic to mask password hashes when config is displayed in custom controller. - Add workflow tree in the workflow builder to visualize workflow and subworkflows as a tree with buttons: edit / new mechanism: highlight to teleport to any service. Makes it easier to work with large multi-level workflows. - Replace gotty with pure python implementation. Save session output with webssh. Need to set ENMS_USER and ENMS_PASSWORD like with the scheduler to save the session via REST API. For this to work, admin credentials must be defined via two new environment variables: ENMS_USER and ENMS_PASSWORD (same as scheduler) - Fix bug connection not cached when using iteration values with a standalone service - Fix bug when exporting table to .csv - column shift if comma in property value - When scheduling a task, the creator of the service run is not properly set to the user who scheduled the task instead of the admin user. - Add a cap for number of threads when running a service with multiprocessing enabled. Maximum number of threads configurable from settings.json > automation > max process. - Add runtimes select list in service results window, so you can visualize service results in workflow builder. - Include private properties (custom password, …) when exporting a service, or migration files. - New color property for workflow edges. - Export service now exports to user browser besides exporting the tgz to the VM. - Remove Create Pool endpoint in the rest API - Add python snippet mechanism to troubleshooting (ctrl + alt + click on upper left logo) - Refactor REST service in case status code is not in (200, 300) to fix validation bug - Refactoring of the rbac system:

  • Use pools extension to user and services to define user access.
  • Add new “default access” property to choose between creator, admin, and public
  • Remove “group” table (a group is a pool of users)
  • Add “groups” property to user and add “creator” property for pools, devices and links. By defining pools of services

based on the group property, and autofilling the groups property of an object when it is created with the user “groups”, objects can be automatically added to the pool of services of the appropriate groups.

  • New Credentials mechanism: * Credentials can be either username / password or SSH key. Both passwords and SSH key are stored in the Vault (no key file stored on the unix server). * Credentials also have an “Enable Password” field to go to enable mode after logging in. * Credentials have a priority field; credential object with higher priority is used if multiple available credentials. * Credentials have two pools: user pool to define which users can use the credentials, and device pools to define which devices the credential can be used for. * User “groups” property is now a field. This field can be used to define user pools. Services have the same “groups” property. When creating a new service, the groups field will be automatically set to the user groups. This allows services to be automatically added to the appriopriate pool of services, if the pool of services is defined based on that group property. * Credentials can be either “Read - Write” (default) or “Read only”. In a top-level service, new “credential type” field to choose between “Any”, “Read-only” and “Read-write” in order to define which credentials should be used when running the service.
  • The skip values were renamed from “True” / “False” to “Success” / “Failure”.

Test: - test new bulk edit, bulk delete, copy clipboard mechanism - test new relation table mechanism with add to relation (individual and bulk selection) and remove from relation. - test new logical and geographical views (right-click menu, scalability with 10K+ devices, default pools mechanism, network filtering mechanism, run service mechanism, etc) - test new get_neighbors function, including using get_neighbors output for service iteration - test that notification mechanism still works - test that the new web SSH mechanism works, make sure that the session saving mechanism works as intended. - test that the workflow mechanism in both DxD and SxS still works: the workflow algorithm was refactored and

DxD / SxS now uses the same function.
  • test the skip mechanism: * test skip of shared service only affects workflow from which service is skipped * test new discard option * test that skip works fine with services in “run once” mode.
  • test the iteration mechanism (both iteration on value and iteration on devices). Tests that the connection

is cached and reused for iteration values. - test the device query mechanism. - user rbac (access to UI + access to models) is properly updated when one of its associated pool OR access is modified. - test new credentials mechanism - test new option in pool to invert logic - test new “update pools after running mechanism” - test that service logs works properly (was refactored from scratch) - test new “per configuration property timestamp” mechanism for configuration management mechanism. - test new mechanism to mask passwords when displaying configuration via custom controller function - test export table to csv mechanism - when a service is renamed, the custom password still works. - test that connections are cached when using iteration values on standalone service. - test that when scheduling task, run creator is set to user who scheduled task. - test new “maximum number of thread” mechanism - test new troubleshooting snippet mechanism - test performances and scalability compared to last version (no improvements to be expected as no work as made on performances, but we have to make sure it’s not worse). - test rest call services as the rest service was refactored.

Migration: - Update endpoint: view/network and view/site no longer exists, to be replaced with geographical_view and logical_view - Configure the new visualization.json file, remove visualization settings from settings.json - In the service.yaml file, the “devices” and “pools” relationship with services have to be renamed “target_devices” and “target_pools”. Besides, “update_pools” must be renamed to “update_target_pools”. - In service.yaml, remove the skip property: it will not be migrated (refactoring of skip mechanism so that skip is per workflow and not a property of the service itself) - In service.yaml, “No Validation” is now part of the “Validation Condition” section. This means that all services where “validation_method” is set to “none”, it must be replaced with “text” and “validation_condition” must be set to “none” instead. - Add ENMS_USER and ENMS_PASSWORD (admin credentials) to environment variables. - The create_pool endpoint has been removed, make sure the /instance/pool endpoint is used instead. - The Rest service has been refactored in case the response is not in range 200 - 300: the “response_code” key is now “status_code”, and “response” key becomes “result” (consistent with the case where the rest call is successful). Need to check these keys in the migration files, i.e for services that use these keys as part of the post-processing or as part of the workflow later one. - Whenever the “Use host keys” option is used, need to create a credential object instead with the key. The “Use host key” option in all connection services no longer exists. - In service.yaml, the “skip_value” property is “success” / “failure” instead of “True” / “False” (skip_value: ‘True’ -> skip_value: ‘success’ / skip_value: ‘False’ -> skip_value: ‘failure’) - In service.yaml, all references to devices via “self.devices” must use “self.target_devices” instead as the row was renamed in the Service table.

Version 3.22.4

  • Catch exception in log function when fetching log level from database
  • Fix object numbers not updated for manually defined pool
  • Catch exception in query rest endpoint when no results found to avoid stacktrace in server logs
  • Add “fetch” and “fetch_all” function to workflow global space. Set rbac to “edit” and username to current user

for both these functions. - Add “encrypt” function to workflow global space to encrypt password and use substitution in custom passwords. - Return json object in get result REST endpoint when no results found for consistency. - Reset service status to “Idle” when reloading the app along with the run status.

Version 3.22.3

  • Add regression workflow for file transfer
  • Fix RBAC service run and task scheduling REST API bug
  • Fix payload extraction workflow __setitem__ bug
  • Add regression workflow with lots of service for scalability testing
  • Add regression workflow for skipped service in workflow targets SxS run mode
  • Fix rest call service local() scope bug
  • Fix get var / set var “devices” keyword bug
  • Add jump on connect parameters for netmiko backup service
  • Fix skipped query with device in service by service with workflow targets mode bug

Version 3.22.2

  • Fix iteration device factory commit bug
  • Fix workflow in service by service with workflow targets skipped service bug
  • Add missing rbac endpoints in full + read only access
  • Fix device creation empty driver due to Scrapli
  • Fix workflow iteration mechanism bug
  • Fix workflow skip query bug

Version 3.22.1

  • Add user authentication method in user forms
  • Fix settings saving mechanism
  • Fix gunicorn multiple workers sqlalchemy post fork session conflict bug
  • Dont prevent wrong device GPS coordinates from displaying links in network view
  • Fix RBAC bugs
  • Add new Scrapli service to send commands / configuration to network device

Version 3.22

  • Remove database url from settings. Configured via env variable DATABASE_URL
  • Remote scheduler
  • Remove TACACS+ parameters from settings, use env variable instead: TACACS_ADDR, TACACS_PASSWORD
  • Make REST API accept Tacacs and LDAP credentials (in the last version, if you were using TACACS+ or LDAP, you could authenticate

in the UI but couldn’t make calls to the REST API) - Remove LDAP parameters from settings. The LDAP authentication is in the custom controller, there is a default function that works with a standard LDAP installation, but you can customize however you want. The LDAP server is now configured with the env variable LDAP_SERVER. The settings contain a new section “database” to enable ldap, database or tacacs authentication. - Add replier option in send mail mechanism - Rename “app_log” option to “changelog” in log function for services - Add new entry in workflow RC menu “Workflow Results Table”: contains all results for a given runtime, allowing for comparison of results same device / different service, same service / different device, etc. - Refactor logging mechanism. In settings.json, add new logging sections to configure whether the log for a given logger should also be logged as changelog or service log by default. - RBAC - Fix authentication bug flask_login and add session timeout mechanism - Make plugins separate from eNMS in their own folder, add bash script to install/update/uninstall them - Make the CLI interface a plugins - Remove summary from service state to improve workflow refresh performances - Add Dark mode and theme mechanism - Make search endpoint work with result to retrieve device results - Allow dictionary and json as custom properties. For json properties, use jsoneditor to let the user edit them. - Add placeholder as a global variable in a workflow (e.g to be used in the superworkflow) - Add mechanism for creating custom configuration property - Refactor data backup services with custom configuration properties. Implement “Operational Data” as an example custom property. - Add new Git service. Replace “git_push_configurations” swiss army knife service with instance of git service. - Add database fetch/commit retry mechanism to handle deadlocks & other SQL operational errors - Add validation condition for validation section.

MIGRATION: - Remove RBAC in rbac.json - Update migration files (user.yaml): group: Admin -> groups: [Admin Users] - app_log -> changelog in the service migration files (python snippet services) - set_var: add export keyword set to True in service.yaml for backward compatibility - rename DataBackupService / NetmikoBackupService, data_backup_service -> netmiko_backup_service

Version 3.21.3

  • Add new plugins mechanism
  • Fix bug help panel open when clicking a field or label
  • Add error message in the logs when a service is run in per device mode but no devices have been selected.
  • Add default port of 22 for TCP ping in ping service
  • Disable edit panel on double-click for start/end services of a workflow
  • Fix invalid request bug when pressing enter after searching the “add services to workflow” panel
  • Forbid “Start”, “End” and “Placeholder” for service names
  • Fix Result in mail notification for run once mode
  • Make Netmiko prompt command service a substitution string in the UI
  • Fix wrong jump password when using a Vault
  • Fix workflow results recursive display no path in results bug
  • Improve “Get Result” REST endpoint: returns 404 error if no run found, run status if a run is found but there are

no results (e.g job still running), and the results if the job is done. - Remove wtforms email validator in example service following wtforms 2.3 release

Version 3.21.2

  • Fix rest api update endpoint bug
  • Add device results to rest api get_result endpoint
  • Rename subservice -> placeholder
  • Fix rendering of custom boolean properties
  • Fix custom properties accordion in service panel
  • Fix service cascade deletion bug with service logs and placeholder
  • Fix front-end alert deleting services and make it a success alert
  • Fix historical config / oper data comparison mechanism
  • Fix bug where superworkflow cannot be cleared from list after selection
  • Fix bug placeholder service deletion from workflow
  • Make superworkflow a workflow property only. Remove superworkflow targets option
  • Display only workflows in the superworkflow drop-down list
  • Save alert when displaying python error as an alert
  • When using a custom logger, only the actual user content is logged
  • Update docs rest API
  • Improve log function (custom logger behavior / creator)
  • Fix superworkflow bug for standalone services
  • Dont display private properties in parameterized run results
  • Add Ansible playbook service log to security logger
  • Update superworkflow initial payload with placeholder service initial payload
  • Dont update netmiko and napalm configuration / oper data backup if empty result / no commands

Version 3.21.1

  • Upgrade JS Panel to v4.10
  • Fix jspanel position on long pages with a scrollbar
  • Fix placeholder double-click bug
  • Fix table display bug
  • Fix operational data display bug

Version 3.21

  • When entering a subworkflow, the selected runtime is now preserved.
  • When running a workflow, the runtime is added to the runtime list in workflow builder and selected.
  • Workflow Refresh button now updates the list of runtimes in the workflow builder dropdown of runtimes.
  • Duplicating a shared service from the workflow builder now creates a NON SHARED deep copy in the current workflow only.
  • Created dedicated category for shared services in “Add services to workflow” tree.
  • Implemented “Clear all filters” mechanism for all tables
  • When displaying workflow services in service table, all search input resetted (otherwise nothing was displayed)
  • Add download buttons for configuration and operational data
  • Add button in tables to export search result as CSV file.
  • When duplicating top-level workflow, display edit panel
  • Fix progress display for service in run once mode in workflow builder
  • Multiline field for skip / device query
  • Add “Maximum number of retries” property to prevent infinite loop (hardcoded before)
  • Add “All” option in relationship filtering (filter object with relation to All)
  • Rename “never_update” with “manually_defined”
  • Set focus on name field when creating a new instance
  • New property in service panel (targets section): Update pools before running.
  • Extend the custom properties to all classes including services (displayed in an accordion in first tab).
  • Add new search mechanism in the “Add services to workflow” panel
  • Add new “Trigger” property for runs to know if they were started from the UI or REST API
  • Add time-stamp of when the configuration / oper data displayed was collected
  • Ability to display config older config from GIT
  • Ability to compare currently displayed config/data to any point in time in the past.
  • Syntax highlight option: ability to highlight certain keywords based on regular expression match, defined in eNMS/static/lib/codemirror/logsMode. Can be customized.
  • New logging property to configure log level for a service or disable logging.
  • Fix bug when typing invalid regex for table search (eg “(” )
  • Dont display Start / End services in service table
  • Make configuration search case-insensitive for inclusion (“Search” REST endpoint + UI)
  • Use log level of top-level workflow for all services.
  • Add context sensitive help mechanism
  • Add keyword so that the “log” function in a service can log to the application log (+ create log object)
  • Add timestamp for session logs
  • Add device result counter in result tree window
  • Move to optional_requirements file and catch import error of all optional libraries: ansible, hvac, ldap3, pyats, pynetbox, slackclient>=1.3,<2, tacacs_plus
  • Fix Napalm BGP example service
  • Fix 404 custom passwords logs from Vault
  • Encrypt and decrypt all data going in and out of the vault (b64 / Fernet)
  • No longer store user password when external authentication is used (LDAP/TACACS+)
  • No longer create / import duplicated edges of the same subtype.
  • Add preprocessing code area for all services
  • all post processing mode: “run on success” / “run on failure” / “run all the time” selector
  • Support functions and classes with set_var / get_var
  • Fix front end bug when displaying the results if they contain a python SET (invalid JSON): all non-JSON compliant types are now automatically converted to a string when saving the results in the database, and a warning is issue in the service logs.
  • Add superworkflow mechanism
  • Add jump on connect support
  • Add log deletion support from CLI interface
  • Forbid import of “os”, “subprocess” and “sys” in a python code area in service panel (snippet, pre/postprocessing, etc)
  • Refactor logging configuration: all the logging are now configured from a file in setup: logging.json Besides, the log function in a workflow takes a new parameter “logger” where you can specify a logger name. This means you can first add your own loggers in logging.json, then log to them from a workflow.
  • Remove CLI fetch, update and delete endpoint (curl to be used instead if you need it from the VM)
  • Improve workflow stop mechanism: now hitting stop will try to stop ASAP, not just after the on-going service but also after the on-going device, or after the on-going retry (e.g many retries…). Besides stop should now work from subworkflow too.

MIGRATION: In services, “result_postprocessing” -> “postprocessing” In pools, “never_update” -> “manually_defined” use_jumpserver -> jump_on_connect In settings.json, the log level is no longer in the “section” but in a dedicated “logging” section. In settings.json, configure Syslog Handler (Security logs).

CUSTOM SERVICES FILE MIGRATION: Fields are no longer imported from wtforms. All of them are now imported from eNMS.forms.fields Some of them have been removed: - substitution and python query are now a keyword - no validation is a keyword too

Imported via db: MutableList -> db.List MutableDict -> db.Dict Column -> db.Column SmallString -> db.SmallString LargeString -> db.LargeString

Version 3.20.1

  • Update Generic File Transfer Service
  • Fix runtime display bug in results window
  • Fix file download and parameterized run bugs.
  • Refactor LDAP authentication
  • LDAP as first option if the LDAP authentication is active in settings
  • Fix timing issue in SSH Desktop session mechanism
  • Remove unique constraint for link names.
  • Hash user passwords with argon2 by default. Add option to not hash user passwords in settings.
  • Move linting and requirements in dedicated /build folder.
  • Renamed key “pool” with “filtering” in properties.json
  • Fix Service table filtering
  • Fix object filtering from the network visualization page
  • Fix Ansible service safe command bug and add regression test
  • Remove column ordering for association proxy and all columns where ordering isn’t useful
  • Fixed workflow builder display when the path stored in local storage no longer exists
  • Add service column in device results table
  • Add result log deletion endpoint in RBAC
  • Fix bug dictionary displayed in the UI in the results
  • Add all service reference in submenu in workflow builder
  • Add entry to copy service name as reference.
  • Add new feature to accept a dictionary in iteration values. When a dictionary is used, the keys are used as the name of the iteration step in the results.
  • Iteration variable are now referred to as global variable,
  • Catch all exceptions in rest api to return proper error 500 (device not found for get configuration, etc)
  • Fix bug position of shared services resetted after renaming workflow
  • Fix refresh issue in configuration / operational data panel
  • Fix upload of files from file management panel
  • Forbid sets in the initial payload
  • Fix user authentication when running a service
  • Fix filtering tooltip in result table (no target found)
  • Fix filtering per result type (success / failure) in result table
  • Fix retry numbering
  • Add Search REST endpoint

MIGRATION: All iteration variable became GLOBAL VARIABLE, which means that you need to use {{variable}} instead of {{get_var(“variable”)}} previously All services that use iteration variables must be updated in the migration files.

Version 3.20

  • Add configuration management mechanism
  • New Table properties mechanism: all table properties are displayed in a JSON file: you can configure which ones appear in each table by default, whether they are searchable or not, etc, their label in the UI, etc. You will need to add your CUSTOM properties to that file if you want them to appear in the table.
  • Same with dashboard properties and pool properties
  • New Column visibility feature
  • New Configuration Management Mechanism
  • RBAC
  • Refactoring of the search system: next to the input, old “Advanced Search” button now dedicated to relationship. Everything is now persisted in the DOM.

MIGRATION: - In netmiko configuration backup service, rename:

  • “configuration” -> “configuration_command”
  • “operational_data” -> “operational_data_command”
  • Moved ansible, pyats to a dedicated file called “requirements_optional.txt”:

Version 3.19

  • Add new File Management mechanism: browse, download, upload, delete and rename local files. Mechanism to use local files as part of the automation services.

  • Add new color code for the logs window.

  • Add New Copy to clipboard mechanism:

    • copy from RC on a service in Workflow builder
    • copy from icon in result tables
    • copy dict path to result in the json window.
  • Full screen workflow builder

  • Remember menu size PER USER

  • Refactoring of all the tables

  • Refactoring of the top-level menu

  • Alerts are saved and displayed in the UI, top menubar.

  • Remove recipients from settings.json. Recipients is now a mandatory field if mail notification is ticked.

  • Add support for netmiko genie / pyATS (use_genie) option.

  • New “Desktop session” mechanism to SSH to a device using teraterm / putty / etc.

MIGRATION: - Renaming “config” -> “settings”. All services that use the “config” global variable must change it to “settings”. - Session change log: some traceback previously returned as “result” key of service “results” now returned as “error”: can create backward-compatibility issue when a workflow relies on the content of the traceback.

Version 3.18.2

  • Fix subworkflow iteration bug
  • Fix workflow display with same shared services in multiple subworkflows
  • Fix task / run cascade deletion bug on MySQL
  • Add “devices” keyword for result postprocessing
  • Allow restart from top-level workflow when restarting from a subworkflow service
  • New “Skip value” property to decide whether skip means success or failure
  • Fix the workflow builder progress display when devices are skipped. Now eNMS shows how many devices are skipped, and it no longer shows anything when it’s 0 (“0 failed”, “0 passed” etc are no longer displayed)
  • Netmiko session log code improvement for netmiko validation / prompt service

Version 3.18.1

  • Display scoped name in hierarchial display mode
  • Fix bug “Invalid post request” editing edge
  • Improve display of filtering forms
  • Reduce size of the service and workflow edit panel for low-resolution screens
  • Add “success” key before result postprocessing
  • Remove “Enter subworfklow” button in toolbar and add the same button in right-click menu
  • Add button to switch to parent workflow

Version 3.18

  • Add Operational Data mechanism
  • Removed Clusterized and 3D View
  • Changed configuration to be a .json file instead of env variables
  • Removed Custom config and PATH_CUSTOM_CONFIG
  • Remove Configuration comparison mechanism
  • Display the results of a workflow as a tree
  • Change the mechanism to add a service to a workflow to be a tree
  • Add the forward and backward control to the service managemet table.
  • Duplicate button at workflow level to duplicate any workflow as top-level workflow
  • Update to the operational data backup service to include rancid-like prefixes
  • Add new “run method” property to define how a service is running (once per device, or once for all devices), and the equivalent property for workflow: run device by device, or service by service.
  • Replace endtime with “duration” in the results and run table
  • Fix bug infinite loop when adding a workflow to itself
  • New “run method” option for services: : - once per device - once for all devices
  • New “run method” option for workflow - run device by device - service by service with workflow targets - service by service with service targets

Version 3.17.2

  • Add Operational Data mechanism
  • Removed Clusterized and 3D View
  • Changed configuration to be a .json file instead of env variables
  • Removed Custom config and PATH_CUSTOM_CONFIG
  • Remove Configuration comparison mechanism

Version 3.17.1

  • Performance optimization

Version 3.17

  • Performance improvements
  • Refactoring of the result window
  • Refactoring of the search system
  • Forbid single and double-quotes in names.
  • Moved the validation mechanism to the base “Service” class. Validation is now available for all services.
  • New “Close connection” option for a service. Closes cached connection.
  • In the “Advanced search”, new “None” entry for filtering relationship.
  • Removed mypy from both the codebase and CI/CD test (travis).
  • Refactoring of the configuration management system.
  • Refactoring of the workflow system
  • Ability to specify the alignment for workflow labels
  • Upon creating the admin user, check if there is a password in the Vault. If there isn’t, create it (“admin”).
  • Remove beginning and trailing white space Names (service name ends with space breaks get_results)
  • Add config mode and honor it when retrieving a cached connection.
  • Netmiko Validation Service: allow several commands

Version 3.16.3

  • If the admin password is not set (db or Vault) when creating the admin user, set it regardless of the config mode.
  • Move skip / unskip button to right-click menu.

Version 3.16.2

  • Always delete a workflow when it is imported via import job
  • New “Maximum number of runs” property for a job in a workflow: defines how many times the same job is allowed to run in the workflow.
  • New “Result postprocessing” feature: allows for postprocessing the results of a service (per device if there are devices), including changing the success value.
  • Add new version of Unix Shell Script service
  • Enable multiple selection in the workflow builder + mass skip / unskip buttons

Version 3.16.1

  • New feature to stop a workflow while it’s running

Version 3.16

  • Add “Workflow Restartability” window when clicking on a job.
  • Cascade deletion of runs and results when jobs / devices are deleted.
  • Forbid empty names and names with slash front-end
  • Fix event issue after adding jobs to the workflow builder.
  • Create and delete iteration loopback edge upon editing the service.
  • Fix change of name in workflow builder upon editing the service.
  • Make iteration variable name configurable
  • Ansible add exit status:
  • Workflow notes Desc: Support textboxes added to a workflow that are displayed in the workflow builder.
  • New mechanism: success as a python query kind of thingAdd success query mechanism
  • New Mechanism to switch back and forth in the workflow builder.
  • New “Latest runtime” option in workflow builder.
  • When displaying a workflow, automatically jump to the latest runtime.
  • In Workflow builder, add the name of the user who ran the runtime in the runtime list.
  • Display number of runs in parallel in the Service Management / Workflow Management page, next to the Status (Running / Idle)
  • Job now displayed in grey if skip job is activated.
  • Edge labels are now editable
  • Results display: in text mode, multiline strings are now displayed without any transformation.
  • User inactivity monitoring

Version 3.15.3

  • “Use Workflow Targets” is now “Device Targets Run Mode”
  • Service mode: run a workflow service by service, using the workflow targets Device mode: run a workflow device by device, using the workflow targets Use Service targets: ignore workflow targets and use service targets instead

Version 3.15.2

  • New “Iteration Targets” feature to replace the iteration service
  • Front-end validation of all fields accepting a python query
  • check for substitution brackets ({{ }}) that the expression is valid with ast.parse
  • Add new regression test for the payload extraction and validation services
  • Payload extration refactoring
    • Store variables in the payload global variable namespace
    • Add optional operation parameter for each variable: set / append / extend / update
  • New conversion option: “none” in case no conversion is necessary
  • No longer retrieve device configuration when querying REST API.
  • Remove web assets
  • Refactor SQL Alchemy column declaration for MySQL compatibility
  • Hide password in Ansible service results.
  • Private properties are no longer considered for pools.

Version 3.15.1

  • Waiting time is now skipped when the job is skipped.
  • Change result to mediumblob pickletype
  • remove Configurations from ansible command
  • remove table filtering N/A
  • Add more regression tests (including skip job feature)

Version 3.15

  • New env variable: CUSTOM_CODE_PATH to define a path to a folder that contains custom code that you can use in your custom services.
  • Advanced search: per relationship system
  • eNMS version now displayed in the UI. The version number is read from the package.json file.
  • Real-time log mechanism with multiprocessing enabled.
  • Workflow restartability improvement:
  • Fixed bug in tables: jump to bottom after page 1 when table is refreshed.
  • Fixed panel repaint bug when pulling it down.
  • Relationship are now displayed in the edit window: you can edit which service/workflow a device/task is a target of, etc…
  • Spinning GIF when AJAX requests
  • Add new services in a workflow: services are spread in a stairsteps in the workflow builder.
  • Workflow Builder: edit the service when it’s double clicked
  • Copy to clipboard for device configuration
  • Fix bug subworkflow edit panel
  • Export Jobs needs to automatically delete devices and pools
  • Service should fail if a python query produces a device target that does not match inventory/database
  • timeout and other parameters getting updated for all services using cached Netmiko connections.
  • Ability to close a cached connection and re-originate the connection in a service.
  • Start time of each Service within a Workflow displayed,
  • User can now track the progress of a workflow even if the workflow was started with a REST call
  • New GET Result Endpoint for the REST API to get the result of a job run asynchronously: if async run_job was invoked, you can use the runtime returned in the REST response to collect the results after completion via a GET request to /result/name/runtime
  • New Run Management window:
  • Slashes are now forbidden from services and worklfow names (conflict with Unix path)
  • The command sent to a device is now displayed in the results
  • Credentials are now hidden when using gotty.
  • Job Parametrization.
  • Service type now displayed in the workflow builder.
  • New service parameter: Skip (boolean)
  • New parameter: Skip query (string) Same as skip, except that it takes a python query.
  • Added number of successful / failed devices on workflow edges.
  • Run status automatically switched from “Running” to “Aborted” upon reloading the app.
  • napalm getter service: default dict match mode becomes inclusion.
  • Replaced pyyaml with ruamel
  • Both true and True are now accepted when saving a dictionary field.
  • Set stdout_callback = json in ansible config to get a json output by default.
  • Change in the LDAP authentication: LDAP users that are not admin should now longer be allowed to log in (403 error).
  • The “dictionary match” mechanism now supports lists.
  • New “Logs” window to see the different logs of a service/workflow for each runtime.
  • Show the user that initiated the job, along with the runtime when selecting a run