Network Creation

The network topology can be created in two different ways:

From the UI

By filling a form in Inventory / Devices and Inventory / Links (“+” button)

Network Creation


Some properties are mandatory:

  • Name: objects are uniquely defined by their name.
  • Source and destination: a link needs a source and a destination to be created.


In order to visualize the network topology on a map, devices must have geographical coordinates (longitude and latitude).

From an Excel spreadsheet

The inventory can be imported from / exported to an Excel spreadsheet in the admin panel (see screenshot below), section Inventory. You can find examples of such spreadsheets in files / spreadsheets.

Network Creation from Spreadsheet


If you import an object that has already been created, its properties will be updated.

Querying an external API

Another way to create your network is to query an external API: OpenNMS, Netbox, or LibreNMS. You can do that by creating a “Topology Import” service from the Services page.

Network Creation via Topology Import

You can select an “Import Type” and fill the corresponding section of the form.