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Credentials are used when connecting to a device. Permissions for device access (via an Access) are separate from permission to use a Credential; both are required for connection to a device. Credential permissions are defined directly on the Credential and do not involve an Access.

Device credentials are stored in either a Vault or in the database if no Vault is configured. For a production environment, a Hashicorp Vault is recommended.


Name: The Credential name.

Description: Credential documentation.

Role: Read and write, or read only.

Subtype: Choose between Username / Password or SSH Key.

Devices: Pool of devices which will have access to these credentials.

Users: Pool of users which will have access to these credentials.

Priority: When a user has access to multiple credentials for a device, the credential with the highest priority is chosen.

Username: The username for both Username / Password and SSH Key connections.

Password: The password for subtype Username / Password credentials.

Private Key: The SSH private key for subtype SSH Key credentials.

'Enable' Password: Used by Netmiko based services when Enable mode is selected and a password is required. This is not related to device connection, but is included on the credential for Vault storage.