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Run a Service

Initiate execution of a service passing in values to control its operation.

Method: Post
Address: /rest/run_service
Parameters: None

  • name: Name of the service.
  • devices: (default: []) List of target device names. By default, the service will run on the devices configured on the service.
  • pools: (default: []) Same as devices but for pools.
  • ip_addresses: (default: []) Same as devices but using ip_addresses.
  • async: (default: false) boolean.
    • false: eNMS runs the service and responds to your request when the service completes. The response contains the result of the service, but the connection might time out if the service takes too long to run.
    • true: eNMS runs the service in a different thread and immediately responds with the service ID. (Recommended)
  • user_created: (optional) this could be list, dictionary, or string as desired. pass in as many as needed. (see user_identified_key & aid in example).


Run Service

  "name": "my_service_or_workflow",
  "devices": ["Washington"],
  "pools": ["Pool1", "Pool2"],
  "ip_addresses": [""],
  "async": true,
  "user_identified_key": "user_identified_value",
  "aid": "1-2-3"


  • All targets are taken in aggregate; either those defined on the service or those passed to run_service endpoint are used. If any of devices, pools, or ip_addresses are specified no targets are used from the service.
  • For Postman, use the type raw for entering key/value pairs into the body. Body must also be formatted as application/JSON.
  • The optional user_created values can be accessed within the service by referencing payload["your_variable_name"].
  • Try log('info', payload) in pre-processing to view the objects the service knows about.

Run Service Response - Synchronous

  "runtime": "2020-04-28 12:21:11.404910",
  "success": true,
  "summary": {
      "success": [
      "failure": []
  "duration": "0:00:01",
  "trigger": "REST",
  "devices": {
  "errors": []


  • If the "async" argument is either false or omitted, then the request will block until the service has run to completion or is manually stopped.
  • This is a subset of the JSON response returned for a device-by-device workflow.

Run Service Response - Asynchronous

   "errors": [],
   "runtime": "2020-04-28 12:16:45.201077"


  • If the "async" argument is true, then the JSON response contains the runtime name needed to retrieve the results.