Napalm Ping Service

Uses Napalm to connect to the selected target device and performs a ping. The output contains ping round trip time statistics.

Napalm Ping Service

!!! note

The iosxr driver does not support ping, but the ios driver can be selected instead.

Configuration parameters for creating this service instance:

  • All Napalm Service Common Parameters.
  • Count: Number of ping packets to send.
  • Packet Size: Size of the ping packet payload to send in bytes.
  • Destination IP: The IP address of the device to which to send the ping command.
  • Source IP: Override the source IP address of the ping packet with this provided IP.
  • Ping Timeout: Seconds to wait before declaring a ping timeout.
  • Ttl: Time to Live parameter, which tells routers when to discard this packet because it has been in the network too long (too many hops).
  • VRF: Ping a specific virtual routing and forwarding interface.