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Create or Update an Instance

Used to create a new instance or modify an existing instance.

Method: POST (update or create)
Address: /rest/instance/instance_type
Parameters: None
Payload: JSON representation of the dictionary data needed to create the object instance and depends on the object type


An object can be renamed by setting the name key to the current name, and the new_name key to the new name.


Disable (prevent execution) of a workflow.

POST /rest/instance/service

    "name": "Device Iteration",
    "disabled": true

Schedule a task from the REST API: This payload will create the task test or update it if it already exists.

POST /rest/instance/task

  "name": "test",
  "service": "netmiko_check_vrf_test",
  "is_active": true,
  "devices": ["Baltimore"],
  "start_date": "13/08/2019 10:16:50"


This task schedules the service netmiko_check_vrf_test to run at 20/06/2019 23:15:15 on the device whose name is Baltimore.

Update a device called DALLAS and change its IP address:

POST /rest/instance/device

  "name": "DALLAS",
  "ip_address": "",