Uses Netmiko to send a file to a device or retrieve a file from a device. Only Cisco IOS and some Juniper devices are supported at this time for SCP file transfer.

Netmiko File Transfer Service

Configuration parameters for creating this service instance:

  • All Netmiko Service Common Parameters.
  • Source file Source absolute path and filename of the file to send.
  • Destination file Destination absolute path and filename to send the file to.
  • File system Mounted filesystem for storage on the default. For example, disk1:
  • Direction Upload or Download from the perspective of running on the device.
  • Disable_md5 Disable checksum validation following the transfer
  • Inline_transfer Cisco-specific method of transferring files between internal components of the device.
  • Overwrite_file If checked, overwrite the file at the destination if it exists.