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Network Builder

The Network Builder panel allows for creating complex network topology diagrams by adding devices and links from the inventory. Networks can also be added to a Network to create nested sub-networks (or even layers of sub-sub-networks).

Network Builder

Button controls exist for the following functionality:

  • Edit the parameters of this Network diagram.
  • Duplicate this Network diagram to another name.
  • Create a new top-level Network diagram.
  • Add to Network: specify devices, links, and/or pools of devices and links from inventory to add to this Network.
  • Create a Label on the diagram.
  • Delete devices and/or links from the diagram.
  • Network Tree displays a hierarchical tree diagram of included devices.
  • Run a service or workflow against all the devices in this Network diagram
  • Network Search for devices and/or links from the diagram.
  • Zoom in / Zoom out.
  • Auto-arrange the Network diagram: toggle this button to turn auto-arrange on and off.
  • Back navigation and Forward navigation: For drilling into nested networks with subnetworks and back out.


Mouse Control

Many of actions are also available from right-click mouse menus. Clicking on the background on a device or on a link generates different menus.

To select one or multiple devices:

  • Left-click to select one device, Ctrl(or Cmd on Mac) + left-click to add to the selection.
  • Keep right-click pressed and draw a rectangle. Upon release, everything inside is selected.
  • Right-click on a device or link will select that device or link and popup the right-click menu for that object.
  • Double clicking a device in the display opens the Edit Device dialog.
  • Double clicking a link in the display opens the Edit Link dialog.