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Get the Status or Results of a Service

Return results of a completed service, or the status of a service if currently running.

Method: Get
Address: /rest/result/service_name/runtime
Parameters: None
Payload: None


  • The service_name must be URL encoded. This replaces spaces and special characters with %. For example a space becomes '%20'.
  • The status property in the result will show either "Running" or "Completed".
  • Before the service has started the request fails with the HTTP 404 error indicating that the service run is not found.


Get run service result response - result not ready yet

    "status": "Running",
    "result": "No results yet."


The response when the result is ready will look very close to the synchronous result, above - but nested one level deeper inside the "result" property, as below.

Get run service result - result is ready

    "status": "Completed",
    "result": {
        "runtime": "2020-04-28 12:47:43.492570",
        "success": true,
        "summary": {
            "success": [
            "failure": []
        "duration": "0:00:02"