UNIX Shell Script Service

The UNIX Shell Script Service runs a BASH script on a target device. The user inputs the bash shell script to be transferred to the target device and executed.

UNIX Shell Service

The service uses Netmiko for connection to the device to run the service, so it accepts the same Netmiko configuration parameters as the other Netmiko services.

  • Credentials: Select between:
    • Device Credentials: The application will select the most appropriate credential object for each device. If there are multiple credentials available, the Type of Credential and Priority properties become a tiebreaker.
    • Named Credentials: Allows users to reference a specific credential for all targets. Selecting this option requires additional selections below.
    • Custom Credentials: Allows users to store a credential against this service. Selecting this option requires additional selections below.


Named Credentials selections will persist through duplicating a service, unlike Custom Credentials. For details on creating a Named Credential take a look at this page.

  • Named Credential: Select from a list of user created credential objects.
  • Custom Username: User provided username, stored against this service.
  • Custom Password: User provided password, stored against this service.

  • Start New Connection: Before the service runs, the current cached connection is discarded and a new one is started.

  • Connection Name: If changed to something other than default, the connection will be cached as a separate connection to that same device. This allows for multiple simultaneous "named" connections to a single device.
  • Close Connection: Once the service is done running, the current connection will be closed.