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Results represent an automation outcome from running a Service (or Workflow) against one or more Device targets.


In the eNMS system, Run and Result objects store different information. A Run is a container for individual Service and/or Device Results.

In the Results table, eNMS first displays the Run-level objects - which correlate the start of an automation activity (i.e., running a service or workflow). By drilling down further, the Results Viewer will display the per-Service and/or per-Device Results.

Results Table

The table has selectable columns for browsing the Run properties like Name, Duration, Service, User, Trigger, Status and Progress.

Displaying and Filtering Results

Use the Columns pull-down to select which table columns to display. Refer to the Search System for instructions on how to filter this table.

Results Management

These actions apply to all results selected by the current Result filter:

  • Calendar - view the results by runtime.

Results Table

These actions apply to single result:

  • Logs - show the logs for the service or workflow.
  • Results - view of results.
  • Stop - stop the service or workflow after the current device completes the current service.

Result Viewer(s) - Example

Clicking on the Results will open the Results Viewer; a tree-based display of the individual Services with summary information.

Results Table

Clicking on the Results button here will show next level of Results details - this typically is the outcomes for all Devices for a single service.

Results Table

Clicking on the Results button will show the detailed, specific result data for a single Service and Device.

Results Table

Other ways to view results

Results can be also be viewed from: