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Topology Import Service

Import the network topology from an instance of LibreNMS, Netbox or OpenNMS.

Type of Import

Topology Import Service

  • Import Type: Choose LibreNMS, Netbox or OpenNMS.


Configuration settings and options for importing topology from a Netbox Server

Netbox Import

  • Netbox Address: Address for the netbox server.
  • Netbox Token: API token to allow netbox interactions.


Options available for importing a known set of devices from OpenNMS

OpenNMS Import

  • Opennms Address: Address for the OpenNMS server.
  • Opennms Devices: A list of devices to query in the OpenNMS server.
  • Opennms Login: Login for the OpenNMS Server.
  • Opennms Password: Password for the OpenNMS Server.


Configuration settings and options for importing topology from LibreNMS

LibreNMS Import

  • Librenms Address: Address for the LibreNMS Server.
  • Librenms Token: API token for allowing interaction with LibreNMS.


This service does not depend on the current device. Always set the Step 3: Targets page Run Method to Run this service once to prevent the service from running a duplicate import for each target device.