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eNMS uses:

  • Black for python code formatting.
  • Flake8 to make sure that the python code is PEP8-compliant.
  • Prettier for javascript code formatting.
  • Eslint to make sure the javascript code is compliant with google standards for javascript.

There is a dedicated requirements_dev.txt file to install these python libraries:

pip install -r requirements_dev.txt

Pull Requests

Before opening a pull request with changes, one should make sure that:

  1. Candidate Python code is:

    • Black compliant

      Black is a code formatting enforcement tool. Once installed (see their repository for details), compliance can be verified with the following command:

      black --check --verbose

    • PEP8 (flake8) compliant

      flake8 --config build/linting/.flake8

  2. Candidate Javascript code is:

    • Prettier compliant

      npm run prettier

    • ESLint compliant

      npm run lint


Concerning documentation updates, one can build a local version of the docs like so:

mkdocs html

If mkdocs is already initialized in one's environment, the following command will launch a local documentation server:

mkdocs serve

This server will automatically update and refresh whenever any filesystem changes are made in the enms/docs folder or mkdocs.yml