REST Call Service

Service for sending REST CRUD (create, replace, update, delete) Http commands to a device that accepts them

REST Call Service

Configuration parameters for creating this service instance:

  • Call Type: REST type operation to be performed: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH.
  • Rest Url: URL to make the REST connection to.
  • Payload: The dictionary data to be sent in POST or PUT operation.
  • Params: Additional parameters to pass in the request. From the requests library, params can be a dictionary, list of tuples or bytes that are sent in the body of the request.
  • Headers: Dictionary of HTTP Header information to send with the request, such as the type of data to be passed. For example, {"accept":"application/json", "content-type":"application/json"}.
  • Verify SSL Certificate: If checked, the SSL certificate is verified. Default is to not verify the SSL certificate.
  • Timeout: Requests library timeout, which is the number of seconds to wait on a response before giving up.
  • Credentials: Select between:
    • Device Credentials: The application will select the most appropriate credential object for each device. If there are multiple credentials available, the Type of Credential and Priority properties become a tiebreaker.
    • Named Credentials: Allows users to reference a specific credential for all targets. Selecting this option requires additional selections below.
    • Custom Credentials: Allows users to store a credential against this service. Selecting this option requires additional selections below.


Named Credentials selections will persist through duplicating a service, unlike Custom Credentials. For details on creating a Named Credential take a look at this page.

  • Named Credential: Select from a list of user created credential objects.
  • Custom Username: User provided username, stored against this service.
  • Custom Password: User provided password, stored against this service.


This service supports variable substitution in several of the input fields of its configuration form.