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What is eNMS

eNMS is a vendor-agnostic Network Management System (NMS) designed for building workflow-based network automation solutions.

eNMS Introduction

eNMS simplifies interaction with a wide variety of network device types for automating complex operations like network audits or upgrades without worrying about the details of communication with each device. eNMS developers focus on the data not the communication.

For an overview, see this diagram, below.

The following aspects of network automation are addressed:

  • Configuration Management Service: Backup with Git, change and rollback of configurations.
  • Validation Services: Validate data about the state of a device with Netmiko, NETCONF, NAPALM, or Scrapli.
  • Ansible Service: Store and run Ansible playbooks.
  • REST Service: Send REST calls with variable URL and payload.
  • Python Script Service: Any python script can be integrated into the web UI. eNMS will automatically generate a form in the UI for the script input parameters.
  • Workflows: Services can be combined graphically in a workflow.
  • Scheduling: Services and workflows can be scheduled to start at a later time, or run periodically with CRON, as well as run on demand.
  • Event-driven automation: Services and workflows can be triggered from the REST API.

System Overview

eNMS System Overview